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More than half the world’s population – 4.2billion people – use social media at the star tof 2021

When we started out, we wanted to understand what our fellow students and young adults thought and were interested in.

We thought we’d find them in research panels but we quickly came to realise that they were under-represented there and we naturally turned to social media recruitment.

So, to now see that more than half’s the world’s population is on social media is simply incredible! Check Hootsuite’s 2021 Digital Statshot Report for details.

These numbers are the very reason why we can research virtually any consumer type in the world. It’s also the reason why giving you constant access to fresh respondents is not an issue anymore.

Also and on average, internet users spend 2 hours and 24 minutes using social networks a day. That makes effective targeting more than possible.

Add to that the fact that social media recruitment allows geographical targeting down to the street level and just imagine the possibilities this creates…. we can now tell you how people who shopped you store, attended your event or walked past your advert felt, no problem.

2021 looks to be another great year for social media-based research.

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